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 Albany Hindu Priest Services

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Pandit Srinivasa Sharma Avadhani
Vedic Scholar in Krishna YajurVeda Kramapati. Worked as a KRAMANTA SWADWYAYA under Tirumala Tirupathi Devastanam Veda Parayanam Scheme and also worked as Vedic Teacher and Principal at Seeta Rama Veda Sankrit Vidya Peetam, Telanagana. Proficient in Sakala Devata Pratistas, Shata Chandi Mahaygas, Putrakamesti and more Yaagas. Offers Priest Services for Nama Karana(Naming Ceremony), Anna Prashan, Homam, Poojas, Satyanarayana Swamy , lakshmi and other Vratam, Baby Shower, House Warming, Wedding, Vasthu Pooja, Astrology, Muhurtam with Detail explanation in desired Languages. Fluent in Telugu, Hindi, Marati and English.
Contact : Pandit Srinivas Sharma.
Also Visit my website where me and my team are working hard to restore vedas and work towards forming a globally glorious future.
Hindu Temple Society, 450 Albany,Shaker Road
Loudonville  NY 12211
Conducting various Hindu Functions, Poojas, Vedic Rituals and Ceremonies in capital district of upstate New York and beyond.
Contact: Pandit Balu Dixit

Albany NY 12110

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